LinkedIn - How to get started?

What is LinkedIn and How to set up LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn - How to get started?


What is LinkedIn? Many of them don't know still what is LinkedIn and how much influence the platform can make in turning one's career from downstream to upstream. A common scenario seen these days is that many of them will open an account on LinkedIn just for the sake of the company they work for or due to the compelling from educational institutions. This has become a common scene recently.

This is happening because many of them don't know the importance of LinkedIn. How to use the platform to leverage one's skill-set. So in the below sections, I will provide some tips to maintain a good LinkedIn profile.

What is LinkedIn? Why having a LinkedIn profile is important?

LinkedIn is a social networking site like Facebook to be precise. But LinkedIn is mostly being used for professional purposes. This is a platform that you can utilise to showcase your skills, expertise, education, experience, etc. Let's take a look at why LinkedIn is important?

  1. Will make good connections.
  2. To know more about job postings.
  3. To appear in Recruiter's search.
  4. Globalisation.
  5. Personal Branding.
  6. Something more about you.
  7. Active job search.
  8. Know more about people, especially people related to your domain.
  9. Your own identity.
  10. Good way to be in touch.

Get started and set up your profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is available in the form of both web and mobile applications. Create an account and get started. Points to be noted while setting up your profile -

  1. Signup. Setting up the LinkedIn account is pretty straightforward.
  2. Choose a photo. Making a good first impression is important in all professional situations including online.
  3. Add a headline.
  4. Profile summary.
  5. Add details to your profile.
  6. Expand your network.
  7. Engage with content.
  8. Get endorsements.
  9. Request recommendations.

And an added point is that a personalised URL will be good.

How to use LinkedIn as a college student.

LinkedIn is a popular social network for career development, but you don't have to wait until you enter the workforce to start taking advantage of this platform. College students can use LinkedIn to establish a professional online presence, which is important for getting jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities while still in school.

  1. The key to using LinkedIn effectively is to create a detailed and engaging profile.
  2. College students should use basic etiquette when sending messages and making connections.
  3. To get the most out of LinkedIn, update your status regularly and explore job postings.


So don't be a passive user, just opening an account and leaving it there. Be a consistent user, maintain your profile and connections. Stay updated and fill out all the things which you are not able to present on your resume. Maintain LinkedIn as your digital resume because it's not that long that LinkedIn will be considered as your primary resume by recruiters.

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